I have been trial secretary for trials in California, Tennessee, Kansas, Texas, Washington State, Oregon and Maryland. 

My complete Trial Secretary service includes the following:
*hiring judges
*preparation of the premium 
*processing all entries 
*allow online entries through AKC
*providing email confirmation to the competitors 
*computer printed labels with all the information for ribbons 
*catalogs for the judges, club and AKC 
*running orders 
*gate sheets 
*scribe sheets 
*electronic submission of catalogs to AKC
*website for the competitors to access

I have solid experience and many ideas that I can contribute to maximizing the efficiency,
 accuracy and profitability of your event.  In order to keep it simple  I use an *all inclusive* format.  This simply means that the club is charged a flat *per dog-per day fee.*   The only additional costs the club will incur in the way of scoretable and bookkeeping expense will be AKC application fees and the per dog fee which AKC charges. 
I will be bringing with me my team of experienced score table workers.   They are a highly motivated group with years of experience. This will enable us to give the greatest level of service to both the exhibitors and the judges.  Again, there is no additional charge to the club for this service.
 I will also be using *latest score* screens.  These are flat screen viewing monitors which are tied to the score table in real time.  With these screens the exhibitors will be able to walk up to the score table within minutes of running and view not only their scores, but also the scores of their competitors.

If you are interested in my services, please feel free to contact me at 
texdandy@gmail.com or 253-709-0254

Contract upon request